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Been laptopping around town and hacking on Internet agent stuff in Guile. One of the few drawbacks I'm finding to Scheme hacking is that I'm painfully conscious of performance issues when writing reusable modules, but the low-level execution model of a particular Scheme implementation is much more opaque than that of a C compiler. For most rapid-prototyping application work, Scheme is a big win, but I find myself cringing those few times when I'm struggling with how to do something efficiently in Scheme and happen to think of an elegant and super-fast C implementation. For some reason, this bothers me more in Scheme than it has in other high-level languages. Perhaps, with languages like Java, I've already taken a fatalist attitude that the implementation is going to suck by definition. With Scheme, I'd like to achieve a sufficient echelon of Scheme Zen so that I can make it work beautifully and then build greater things than I've been able to in the past. Also, I have the luxury of a few weeks of discretionary hacking time without the burden of work deadlines.

Spent last evening laptopping about town, hacking Scheme code from hitherto inconceivable locales. Encountered some APM glitches in my latest kernel config for the ThinkPad 560E, so tried a few kernel genetic variations and then updated that page.

This is the beginning of the weblog. Inspired by Shaver:

You are so angsty and above-the-fray
that it makes my teeth hurt, Neil.

—Mike Shaver, 2001-03-20

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