Neil's Temporary SRFI-19 for PLT

This is a PLT-specific fork of Will Fitzgerald's SRFI-19 reference implementation. The reference implementation has been modified for several reasons:

  • Interoperate with the PLT standard date type. All procedures can operate on the PLT date type. A subtype of date, srfi19-date has been created for adding nanoseconds to the representation. The only incompatibility with SRFI-19 is that the SRFI-19 make-date procedure is called make-srfi19-date, due to a name conflict with PLT's make-date.

  • Various efficiency optimizations, such as removing extraneous uses of string ports.

  • Parameterize for use with various localization mechanisms. A srfi19-locale^ signature and a dummy-locale@ unit are provided.

  • Substitute syntax from other SRFIs with PLT builtins.

  • Added procedures for use with PLT seconds.

  • Documentation in a format used by the PLT Help Desk.

This is an ongoing exercise. Eventually the worthwhile portable and PLT-specific changes will be extracted for use with the SRFI-19 reference implementation and the one bundled with PLT.

Needed for Httper.

The current version of srfi19.plt is 0.3 (30-Jun-2003).

You can download file srfi19-0-3.plt, PLT Scheme package.

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