Using OpenGL with PLT Scheme

Update: This page is grossly outdated. OpenGL support is now part of stock PLT Scheme, and my demos are now included in PLT.

Here are some notes on using OpenGL with PLT Scheme. This page was created 23-Nov-2002, and will be updated as I have more information. Please email additions.

I'm currently using Scott Owens' SGL bindings, which use the special OpenGL hooks in the MrEd canvas% object class. (Note: As of 08-Dec-2002, there is a known problem with SGL on Windows.)

Also now available is Robert Kooima's GLSCM, which are OpenGL 1.3 bindings for MzScheme, currently without MrEd canvas support. I plan to try this out.

Carlos Eduardo Scheideggar has made some GLUT bindings (file glutscm-0.1.tar.bz2).

One demo using SGL is, which was ported from glxgears.c.

 [screenshot of 3-D gears]

Another demo using SGL is, a rendering of the Newell Teapot.

 [screenshot of 3-D teapot]

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