linux-proc-apm.scm: Linux /proc/apm APM Data Access in Scheme

This Scheme library is used to access Linux APM (Advanced Power Management) power information. It can be used for reporting battery status information, for monitoring battery charge and taking action when the charge is low, for ensuring that a laptop is on line power before performing a disk-intensive batch job, etc.

This library works by parsing the string format of the /proc/apm file interface. Information about the format was gleaned from the Linux kernel source files [apm.c] and [apm_bios.h], and from the usermode programs of [apmd]. It does not support ACPI, nor is it a more generalized power data interface.

This library is currently slightly specific to PLT Scheme, but was written in such a manner as to make easy porting to other Scheme implementations.

See documentation for more info...

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The current version of linux-proc-apm.scm is 0.2 (2005-04-08).

You can download file linux-proc-apm.scm, Scheme source code.

You can download file linux-proc-apm.html, documentation in HTML format.

You can download file linux-proc-apm.pdf, documentation in PDF format.

You can download file linux-proc-apm.plt, a packaging for PLT Scheme.

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