Note: No further work is planned on Httper, since the author plans to soon obsolete it with a more portable HTTP client library. This version has been released to migrate from UriFrame to uri.scm, the latter of which will be used by the new HTTP library. New development is encouraged to use net/ rather than Httper.

Httper is an HTTP 1.1 [RFC2616] client library for PLT Scheme. It provides multiple levels of abstraction over parts of the HTTP protocol, with the intent that it be convenient for programs with both simple and involved HTTP needs.

Httper requires the packages [Uri.scm] and [SRFI-19-PLT].

The current version of Httper is 0.3 (22-Aug-2004).

You can download file httper-0-3.plt, PLT Scheme package.

You can download file httper.html, documentation in HTML format.

You can download file httper.pdf, documentation in PDF format.

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