erin.el: Emacs editing mode for TWiki pages

unimportant screenshot erin.el is an Emacs editing mode for the Wiki markup of TWiki. The current version of erin.el mostly just does semi-WYSIWYG fontifying and heading renumbering.

To install, put file erin.el into one of the directories that's listed in your Emacs load-path, (optionally) byte-compile erin.el, and add the following expression to your .emacs file:

(require 'erin)

Files named with the extension .twiki will be opened in erin-mode automatically. You can see a sampler of fontified TWiki markup with the key sequence: M-x erin-sampler RET

Headings can be renumbered with the erin-renumber-headings command (key sequence C-c C-r). The number of pluses in the TWiki markup denotes the level of the heading. Headings with TWiki !! markup after the pluses are unnumbered. For an example of unnumbered and numbered headings:

---+!! My Important Wiki Paper
---+ 1 Introduction
---+ 2 Theory
---++ 2.1 Pretty Pictures View of Theory
---++ 2.2 Cryptic Equations View of Theory
---+++ 2.2.1 Integral Symbol
---+ 3 Practice

Just as TWiki is not named after Twiki, erin.el is not named after Twiki's arguably more attractive co-star, Erin Gray.

You can download file erin.el, version 0.6 (2009-08-19).

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