Boston-area Lisp Announcements Email List


boston-lisp-announce is a low-traffic email list for announcements of particular interest to Lisp users in and around Boston, Massachusetts, USA (including Providence, Rhode Island). By "Lisp" here, we mean all the Lisp dialects, including Common Lisp, Scheme, and Racket.

Relevant topics of boston-lisp-announce messages include:

Under no circumstances are discussion or commentary posts relevant. This restriction is intended to avoid scaring away traffic-averse local Lisp users. Such discussion posts might be very relevant on the comp.lang.lisp or comp.lang.scheme newsgroup, however.

boston-lisp-announce averages less than one post per week.

boston-lisp-announce is a complement to the newsgroups and school-specific email lists, intended to reliably reach the largest number of Boston Lisp users.

boston-lisp-announce has approximately 150 subscribers.


If you're a Lisp user in the Boston area, please subscribe to boston-lisp-announce from the list software page. (Don't be left out of the LOOP! Ha, ha.)


To post a message to the list, email to:

All posts are approved manually by a human editor.


By design, boston-lisp-announce posts are not publicly archived, and should not be forwarded or gatewayed to other lists, newsgroups, nor Web sites. One reason for keeping posts a little private is to not discourage posters who are afraid of spammers' email address harvesters. Another reason is that a startup might wish to locate local Lisp hackers without raising its profile more than necessary.


To unsubscribe from boston-lisp-announce, use the list software page.


If you're open to more traffic, consider also subscribing to the similarly-named boston-lisp list, which was started by Dan Stanger.


For help with boston-lisp-announce, contact Neil Van Dyke at: